bedtime story…

It’s Sunday… the most coveted day of the week, my only free day in an ordinary week.  

It’s always my lazy  day… I can choose not to shower, I can curl up in my bed the whole day or be a couch potato in front of Roku.

So I finished watching Raya… thanks to the Disney+ account of VaNessa.  I watched again Frozen 1 and 2, Mulan and Maleficent 1 and 2….went back to my Prime and watched The Terminal…. then to my Netflix then back to Disney+ again where I tripped over The one and only Ivan.


Ivan:  Hey, Ruby you can’t sleep?

Ruby: I’m hungry

Ivan:  Do you wanna hear a story?

Ruby:  Yes please like one of Aunt Stella’s story when you were little

Ivan:  Well, oh… hmmm, I don’t remember things from when I was little, I—-

Bob: Yeah.  He’s a total opposite of an elephant.  He can’t remember a thing.  You wanna hear about my life?

Ruby:  Yes.

Bob:  Well, I was living a pretty good life until I was abandoned in the streets by a mean human being.

Ruby:  (gasps)

Bob:  Then I fell off a bridge into a river and almost drowned.  That’s it.  End of story.  Now go to sleep.

Ivan:  Okay.  That’s —— thanks.  That’s not a bedtime story.

Bob:  Ah, guess not.  It’s got a happy ending though.  I ended up here with you, my best buddy ole pal.

Ivan:  (sighs) Okay.  Ruby, I think I might have a story for ya….

I never had a proper bedtime story….

But I remember my older siblings telling us ghost stories to put us away to sleep.  Darn!  No wonder I had nightmares back then and even scared of visiting the loo at midnight.

Recently, I had a crazy bad dream… still vivid.





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