Grabbed and pasted from FB post of Aveen Acuna Gulo.

This is Slinky.

I discovered her (him?) the other night while I was feeding the dogs. When motion-sensor light near Wiggly’s feeding bowl turned on, I thought I saw a pile of poop. But it was looking at me!

It was just there, coiled and motionless. I thought of getting my sundang and kill it. But I can’t bear the thought of ending the life of something that did not attempt to kill me.

I have always been afraid of snakes, even just thinking about it. But the thing is, my hair didn’t stand this time. I am just awed at the realization that it must have always been there for as long as it had, watching me puttering about. You see, this particular spot of the planter looked like something has slept on it. A cat? A dog? Hmm… too small. Siya diay. I estimate the body diameter to be 3/4inch.

I googled for snake repellants. Number 1 on the list was Napthalene (moth balls). It’s a long list. So I tried garlic. Blended it and sprayed the area.

Last night I checked. She’s still there! So I grabbed my phone and took pictures. I almost went near it for a closer take but for a split second I know I don’t want to mess up.

To date Homestead Mom has 6 dogs, 4 resident and 2 visitor cats, 1 turtle and 1 snake.

“All things bright and beautiful
All creatures big and small
All things wise and wonderful
The Lord God made them all.”

About the author: Aveen is long time acquaintance, I’ve known her back home in Cotabato City. She used to be a newscaster, DJ, columnist back home. She is still an active columnist of Mindanews.

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