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pexels-sharon-mccutcheon-1209843Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

Guest post by Aliya Agbon

Free to Love

Growing up, we were told that only a man and a woman can fall in love. Now, before you hit the close button and start crucifying me for that statement, I suggest you hold your judgment until the end of this essay. Jumping to conclusions never did anyone any good.

I was iffy about writing this because it’s a very controversial issue. For some people. However, one of the things I learned from this pandemic is to make the most out of every day so here I am.

I was planning on writing this piece as a contribution to the series of essays for pride month but I had so many things on my plate. Now that I have a little bit more free time to write, I figured it’s high time I take the plunge.

The Formative Years

We think that the things we learned during our formative years are cast in stone. Most of the lessons we learned during this time function as our moral compass as we navigate our way through life.

We gain wisdom with each birthday candle blown. As we get older and wiser, we begin to realize that the world constantly evolves, beliefs transcend, and nothing is cast in stone.

What point am I getting at?

I had fixed views on love when I was a kid. This is mostly Disney’s fault, since I would watch their movies nonstop whenever I was given permission to. I lived for their stories, and just like any other girl back then, I wanted to marry a prince.  Well, fat chance of that happening.

As I got to meet more people, I learned that we all go through different journeys when it comes to love. Some have it easy, but there’s a lot out there who have to struggle with the limitations imposed upon them by religion, culture, and society. While I had to grapple with some concepts, I eventually understood the meaning behind the quote, “love is universal.”

Love is Love

There’s a myriad of definitions about love. A quick search on Google with the keywords “love is…” will lead you to thousands of pages showing more definitions. As for me, well, I have yet to find a single way to define it.

One that comes to mind as of writing is “love is free.” It’s something people should be free to give and receive, no matter where they are in the spectrum. We love someone because of the substance that they’re made of; the vessel that contains them is just a bonus. We reach a point in our lives where someone’s personality, values, and outlook in life outweighs their looks.

I can still remember the time it hit me. I was watching Billie and Emma by Sam Lee. That was when I fully understood why everyone should be free to love. Our years in this planet are numbered. It would be such a waste to deprive ourselves of something so beautiful and powerful.

About the author:

Aliya is a blogger, writer, photographer, and weekend wave chaser. She is a proud mom of two beagles and is currently based in the Pearl of the Orient Sea.

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