There’s this thing I do to most of my cassette tapes when I was a teenager.

I tear them apart piece by piece, then put it back together again… just the way I dismembered those hand-me-down dolls of my sister.  I find pleasure in recreating my own tape cartridge.

Unfortunately there was always a piece or two left over, something I didn’t utterly know what to do with.  So what do you do with that piece?

Do you try to fit it back in?

Do you try to make it work?

Or do you decide you can live without that missing piece?

When we go without certain things for long enough, it’s easy to forget…

just how much we need them.

Danke Khidda!!!

We forget what we had once.

We forget what it’s like to live with that thing…

not that we need, but that we want.

That’s why it’s so important for us to remind ourselves…

for us to remember.

Just because we can’t live without something,

it doesn’t mean we have to…


Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy 


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