screw ’em…

Excerpt from last night’s episode of  ABC’s  How to get Away with Murder

Annalise: (Thinking) Guns or no guns?
First day of trial…
Risky showing skin.
Or be you… powerful, fear of God.
Juror 3’s gonna hate the guns.
What do you tell clients?
First day of trial, most important day of your life.
Play the part or play no part.
Be yourself.
Why not just throw blood at everybody?
Too much?
Won’t matter if Nate turns on you.
Don’t go there.
Focus on the good.
You have a plan.
Frank to the damn rescue.

You’ll make Hannah cave.
Shame her.
Incest is the last taboo.
She’ll sell out the Governor to hide it.
The Governor’s blood, not yours.
Birkhead’s blood.
And then you win.
Boom. You’re free.
Damn, this wig is good.
What they think a woman should look like.
But my hair?
Real? Me?
Raw? Too raw?
How can we still be having this conversation?
It’s just hair.                                               annalise
But hair could decide it all.
Jail or freedom.
So, wig?
Screw ‘em.
If I lose, I’m gonna lose looking like me.
Deal with it, assholes.
No more scared little girl.
You’re Annalise damn Keating.
You got this.

What’ll happen to Mama if I lose?

You’re gonna win.
You’re gonna win.


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