farewell my concubine…

I did not realize until today that it is my last day of  work in Avantusland, well, technically I am out of here… and out of work as a hemodialysis RN which I savor for a good 5 years…. and now I am leaving the place with mixed emotions.

from Amazon.com

Like all my previous workplace, Avantus became my concubine… or should I say the other way around???


I have found a new avenue, a greener way to continue my life as a concubine… I cannot be kept forever, I must walk out that door.

Oh well, I cannot be an RN forever…  I needed to hone my craft.

Here’s a quick note of appreciation to the team, the Transformers, whom I’ve been head butting every MWF and to the Avengers  of TThS, and to all the admin staff especially my FA.  This may be short, but I will find time to sit down and marinate on things I needed to thank all of you for.

Thank you Avantus for keeping me sane and frantic behind your walls.



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