my signed book…

My first ever signed book! collage

or inscribed book?

I tripped over her blog during the August 2017 solar eclipse;  I was doing my homework that very day while watching that event on TV and at the same time surfing the web.

In between my school and work are my ebooks.  I was reading “The Last Sin Eater” and “The Mermuring Maiden” when I noticed a familiar name in the latter ebook.  I went back to that blog I just added to my desktop favorites—and voila! it’s the same author— Michele Richards.

And I started following her or reading her blog. Her writings are long, intense and cavernous, which will actually make your nose bleed.

I left her an Amazon review when I finished her ebook.  And she offered me to beta read her other unpublished book.  Which I did!


Another book I really searched online was the “Ball of Confusion” an autobiography of Richard Street, written from the perspective of Richard himself.  One, I knew him personally.  And two, I met the book author who worked with Richard.

I wish Richard Street could sign the book…. but he’s gone.  book3

Hmmm, maybe my dear Cici can sign it instead?

Or should we look for Gary Flanigan, Cici?

Just a thought.


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