my half cousin…

The moon must be blue tonight or last night?


I went to see my cousin this afternoon, whom I (only) see ‘once in a blue moon’.   For 10+ years that I am here in California, I’ve seen her 10 times or even less — that’s how rare the moon turns blue!  Nah, that’s how busy my life lately… or that’s how lazy I am to drive two of the busiest freeways just to get to her place.

She’s my first cousin from my mother’s side who claims we are half-cousins, because my mother and her father (who were siblings) bore different last names!   The story in it remained a story, I couldn’t care less, as long as I have a BIG sister here.

I brought her the promised peach and yellow climbing cacti or Epiphyllum we have in the house, in turn, I got to eat a good sandwich personally prepared by Manoy Biboy, plus a good chitchat!  watch

Two hours after, I reminded her about church which she forgot.  Before I left she handed me a watch, she said “my present for all those years rolled in one — Christmases, graduation, birthdays”.   Hmmm, now I know, I should be in her door every year for all those events to amass more wrist watches!

Oh, the funny thing about me and my cousins?  I only met most of them when I got here.  for some unexplainable reason, when my parents uprooted themselves from their hometown, they lost contact with most of their siblings.

I really do not know the story behind it, my mother was busy rearing and feeding me and the rest of her brood.  She gave all her energy and time for us, she forgot to share the story of her life with us, she forgot the word narcissism existed.

I am guilty in return for not delving through it or even rummaged her chest.



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