heads or tails…

What is the best part of a fish to chomp on?

The head.  Especially when its sinigang or tinola (cooked in soup base) or even grilled.

Filipinos has a funny gusto of eating fish, we are used to cooking and serving a whole fish — with all its head, tail, bones, and skin on!  Which, I know most people in California would gape at a sight of it—- a whole fish!


Ande cooked dinner yesterday.  She called me saying “saan ka na” (where are you now?) at 645pm, while I was cruising or actually sitting in the traffic of SR-55 and I-5N.  She said she cooked dinner.  Yes, that’s how lucky I am!  I have a rent-free place and a dinner to look forward to.

As expected, the one in my soup bowl was a milkfish head… and so in Ande’s bowl.  I went back to the kitchen for seconds and found the same heads and some tails of the milkfish in the pot.  Went back to the table, grabbed my eye glasses again as milkfish are really, really bony!head

I asked Ande, “are we poor now?”

“Why?” she replied.

I said, “pano buntot at ulo lang niluto mo!”

She laughed.

Milkfish is Philippines’ national fish, they thrive in salt or fresh water, whichever tide it is.

Milkfish head is the best!  Oh and using a spoon and fork works well with it… uhmmm only when you’re raised and born in the Philippines, LOL!


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