I found myself staring at my keyboard, my right hand is lightly settled on top of the red mouse… I knew I caught myself red-handed but there is that satiating feeling my head is experiencing right now…


I did not bother moved a bone. Kept staring at the keyboard for nothing, without my mind in it.

Until I heard Mel calling out— “Hoy! Okay ka lang?”

Startled, I shook my head, abruptly propped up in my chair. It’s 553AM. I stood up, went out of the treatment area, I needed a breather!

It’s 617AM, I already washed my face with a cold water, my eyes are so sore, uhmm, strained.  red red

I think I did the same thing yesterday in my Third World, in our newly opened Clinic. I found myself staring at my books near the keyboard too, at 240PM.  I saw 9 patients non-stop from 10AM and it just slowed down after 1PM, not even a soul showed up to 6PM.

Most of my cases were pink eyes, 2 kids being sent home from school, a grandma with swollen eye, a dude with a massive conjunctival hemorrhage.

Now, I think I have a pink eye!

A red-handed pink eyed me!


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