this used to be my playground…

Growing up we have that graphic bible books that we’ve outgrown.  I remembered those days where we (my siblings) snuggled our small-framed bodies to each other just to share those books and (that) one small book about the monkey and the turtle.


When I’m lost or out of sight, I am just in any place or aisle with books. Bookstore(s) is my playground. I’m a late bloomer though… when I was a kid, I don’t have that pleasure or leisure to visit a bookstore, nor the money to spend on books.

I was introduced to a library when I was already in high school (as the school had its own library). Unfortunately I don’t have, again, the pleasure to spend my free time hugging all those books in the library as we needed to help out in household chores. I only visited the library on a per need basis

But I do not like libraries. There is that feeling of suffocation when you walk through a quiet, quaint, dim lighted book aisles… THOUGH the scent of old books is exhilarating especially when you run your fingers through it– caressing them cover after cover while you wander from one aisle to another.

Back in Philippines, I spent the most unholy hours of my Sundays in National Bookstores. I don’t read that much but the urge to browse was there.  I have that causeless happiness (of) being in the midst of books, I get lost, and I become invisible. stt

Here, Barnes & Noble offered me a different playground experience. You may not understand it but I can spend my whole afternoon in Barnes & Noble and leave the bookstore smiling, frowning, sad or even mad! LOL!

And now, I have a new playground! I will say goodbye, for now, to my old playground as I will be spending most of my free time in the aisles of any Pharmacy around.



  1. Prolific writer in you Nook!love your scribbles!God bless your 5oth and thereafter!Enjoy it and have a blast!🥰


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