Even salt looks like sugar…

While talking to Pat yesterday about her weight gain, I told her to religiously look at the salt content of anything she eats as she denies drinking too much water that would increase her weight to 3 kilos in a matter of day.


I love Pat. I love ’em all, actually. They always leave the clinic smiling knowing they are one, two or even four kilos lighter before they walk in. But I hate seeing them a day after dragging themselves because they are sick or drowning… especially Pat.


As she was recounting the fluid she had the other day, I asked her about the food she ate and she proudly announced “I watch everything I eat, I only had lettuce and pineapple!”. Huh?!? I told her not to trust everything that she sees, even salt looks like sugar.


Our eyes can deceive us, just because it looks alike doesn’t always taste the same. Be conscious and take a little caution as things, even people, aren’t always what they seem. If Judge Judy said “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck—it’s a duck”, not with salt and sugar though…


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